The best way to carry your Baby!!

Okay now can we just talk about this. Should women carry their children to their back or on a pouch in front of them?

Our Naija parents will shout at you for carrying your baby in a pouch in front of you. I have even heard a story of a lady who was carrying her baby in front of her and while crossing a major road, the straps of the pouch gave away and the baby fell and was supposedly crushed by an oncoming vehicle.
I on the other hand, have witnessed a lady carrying her baby on her back and walking to her older kid’s school. A man carrying a pole passed her, she bent down and the man passed. Not walking for long, some one tapped her to tell her that her wrapper had blood stain on it.
Turns out, the man with the pole had hit the baby with the pole unintentionally and because the child was on the woman’s back, she didn’t notice. I have also watched a movie where a woman was carrying her child on her back in a bus and another lady slipped a drug into the child’s mouth while pretending to help her adjust her baby from her back.

Now, analyzing this, most women carrying their kids on their back do that just because , “that is how our mothers used to carry their own too”.
Some others say that they carry their children at their backs because it is more comfortable and it helps them do their chores with ease.

The other group of ladies, carry their children in front because they can see them better in that position. They can better monitor them to know what they are doing and how comfortable they are.

These two reasons are quite debatable. My advise: At home, carry your baby on your back. This is more comfortable and allows you go about doing your chores comfortably.
However, when you are going out, get a pouch and carry your baby infront of you. This position helps you better monitor your baby as you are likely to meet very uncomfortable conditions outside and your baby will be more comfortable looking at you smiling down at him/her.

Most times, in an uncomfortable bus, babies that fuss are usually tied up on their mother’s backs and they do not know how best to relax when the bus gets too hot and unpleasant.

I want to know what you think. Your opinion matters to me. Pen it down on the comment section..


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